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  Mike Adler..................... DAVID
Florian Renner...................TINO
Elyas M'Barek................. ELYAS
Jacob Matschenz............ ACHIM

Foto: Fabian Isensee

Jacob Matschenz

Born in 1984, Jacob Matschenz already had his first acting experience in 1999 in the feature film "Kleine Kreise" (directed by Jakob Hilpert). In 2002 he appeared again on the big screen in the movie "Befreite Zone" (directed by Norbert Baumgarten). At the age of only 20, Jacob Matschenz already gives his third performance in a feature film in "Wholetrain" in 2004. After that he played the lead in Ingo Haeb's film "Neandertal".
He also played several parts in German television, e.g. in 2001 "Polizeiruf 110 - Der Spieler" (directed by Jürgen Brauer) and the lead in Katalin Gödrö's "Mtanten". In 2002 he played the lead Jul in "Juls Freundin" (directed by Kai Wessel, in 2003 followed "Tatort - Weidmannsheil" (directed by Peter F. Bringmann) and Andreas Linke's film "Experiment Bootcamp", in 2004 he played the lead in Till Endemann's "Das Lächeln der Tiefseefische" and "Sex Up" (directed by Florian Gärtner) as well as in 2005 in Alain Gsponers "Rose". Summer 2006 he is member of the lead cast in Urs Eggers Tragicomedy "An der Grenze" which is set in the GDR of 1974.

Filmography (assorted)

1999 Kleine Kreise, directed by Jakob Hilpert
2001 Mutanten, directed by Katalin Gödrös
2002 Befreite Zone, directed by Norbert Baumgarten
Juls Freundin (TV), directed by Kai Wessel
2003 Sex up (TV), directed by Florian Gärtner
Tatort - Waidmanns Heil (TV), directed by Peter F. Bringmann
Experiment Bootcamp (TV), directed by Andreas Linke
2004 Das Lächeln der Tiefseefische, directed by Till Endemann
Fliehendes Land (short), directed by Friederike Jehn
Zahme Vögel (short), directed by Carsten Unger
2005 WHOLETRAIN, directed by Florian Gaag
Neandertal, directed by Ingo Haeb
Tornado (TV), directed by Andreas Linke
Rose, directed by Alain Gsponer
Tatort - Nachtwanderer (TV), directed by Johannes Griesener
2006 42 plus, directed by Sabine Derflinger
An die Grenze (TV), directed by Urs Egger